The guide to living and working in London

You can never imagine being in one of the best locations across the world- London. Most people, who immigrate for short term on basis of their London Jobs or for educational purposes, are left out with considering staying back or leaving to their home country.

Here in this article, we have portrayed few key points that may allow you to stay back, while living and working in London would be your preferable choice. Let’s break down into the guide for London to be the destiny:

  1. Money is the key for most ones. You find a whole lot of difference in salaries when comparing London and other parts of the UK. The current average salary for graduates working in London is £25,487. This aspect of course is well-versed and higher than in many major cities globally.
  1. Apart from Jobs in London, if you are planning to start your own business, London is the location for you. You can use the free resources, Government initiatives and other support available to you. London is one of the top cities worldwide for the self-employed.
  1. You find greater career opportunities in London, with many of the big brands choosing the city for their head offices. Also, there are booming London startups, with innovative tech companies choosing the capital.
  1. Here are some of the best office perks London has to offer. With most trendy companies competing for the best candidates, many companies offer free breakfasts, drink fridges stocked up, work socials, free gym memberships and many more. Jobs in London have great work perks.
  1. A great history lies in London city with many London Jobs. You’ve got Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square to name a few. You might find that you walk past some of these huge, iconic buildings when you’re commuting to London, for all the fun you want.