5 essential points to get across in a job interview

People can frequently complicate job interviews to the point where they are too nervous to go on the big day. Even the most self-assured person will most likely feel nervous during an interview. While being nervous is normal, the more you prepare, the more you can demonstrate why you are the best candidate when interviewing for jobs in London. With that in mind, here are the five most important things you should always aim to explain to an interviewer: 


Company knowledge

Employers want to believe that you have a genuine desire to work for their company and will be a dedicated team member. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with an applicant without knowledge of the industry and looking for an old job. That is why it is critical to demonstrate that you are familiar with the company’s history, plans, and culture. You don’t need to memorise much material; just a few facts and statistics will suffice to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework. 

Related skills and training

Your CV will cover the highlights of your schooling and employment history, but it is intended to be a compact document, so there may be other pertinent things to discuss in person. Before heading into the job interview, list the less obvious but equally vital abilities you’ve earned over the years, whether through formal training or self-development. These could include knowledge of several software applications or internal training unique to your present or past employer. 

Transferrable skills

Sometimes, the face of your CV may just show a few things you can perform for a firm, or the employer may have merely scanned your CV for important abilities. However, if you have recently started something, such as a pastime or, even better, a training course, your employer will be unaware. Telling them about all of your skills and how you can apply them to the task is crucial. 

Make an impression 

Be respectful to everyone – it’s very vital yet rarely acknowledged. Even if you’re meeting the receptionist for the first time to discuss your appointment, smile and greet them with kindness. You just never know. The interviewer and receptionist may be friends. So do your best to leave a lasting impression on both of them. Your physical appearance reveals a lot about you. Be clean, well-groomed, and nicely dressed for your interview to provide the best first impression. Dress one level above what you would wear for the current job in London.

Good attitude and flexible

A bad attitude is one of the most memorable characteristics for a job interviewer since saying the wrong thing can anger them, which is worse than saying nothing at all. To avoid this, make sure you know exactly what you want to convey before you go in and stick to the plan as closely as possible. Employers are always searching for someone they can rely on, like a buddy. If you know, you can do a job better than everyone else on the planet, but you can only work half as hard, guess what? Another qualified candidate will likely replace you.